Ongoing health program for your dog

Vaccinations against Canine Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Kennel Cough

Clever Kelpies dogs receive at least 2 initial C5 treatments (Canine Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Kennel Cough). Depending on the time since the last vaccination, an additional C5 vaccination may be given just prior to the dog leaving here. You can vaccinate your dog with C3 vaccine (Canine Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus) each 3 years hereafter (as per Australian Veterinary Association guidelines), as these vaccines last at least 3 years. Further Kennel Cough vaccination is generally only warranted if you have a large number of dogs with frequent introductions or your dog will be exposed to other people's dogs, in particular at kennels. The Kennel Cough (KC) vaccine only lasts up to a year.

Worm treatments

The dogs are wormed at frequent intervals for all important worms. This includes Hydatid Tapeworm, which does not harm the dog, but can be spread from the dog to people and is a serious disease in humans. Dogs are also wormed again just prior to sale, if it has not been done in the previous 2 months. You should continue to worm your dog with an 'allwormer' treatment at least annually. 3-6 monthly intervals are useful if you have a few dogs in yards, dogs in raised kennels will need worming less often. Where your dog will be fed (or have access to) raw sheep, cattle or kangaroo meat or carcasses, consider treating for Hydatid tapeworm more frequently, for the saftey of yourself and your family. (Freeze carcasses in a domestic freezer at -18 degrees C for a few days to kill Hydatid cysts).


Clever Kelpies dogs do not have heartworm as it does not occur here on the New England Tableland due to the colder temperatures, however, it occurs in most other inland areas and all coastal/hinterland areas. Heartworm causes severe disease in dogs and treatment is an ordeal for the dog. You should give preventative monthly treatment unless your vet has told you it is not required in your area.


There are no fleas here. I eradicated them when we moved here about 13 years ago and I quarantine treat any incoming or visiting dogs. Fleas are easily eradicated on farms if your dogs don't mix with other dogs. If fleas are currently present and you wish to eradicate them you should treat all of your dogs and cats monthly with one of the modern treatments (bathing and kennel treatment is not necessary) for 9-12 months. Provided there is no further mixing with other cats and dogs, eradication will be complete and treatment can be stopped. Introduced dogs can be treated with a Capstar tablet for 2 days in a row, and isolated from dog areas the first day to rid them of fleas. Or if you are taking your flea-free dog somewhere for just a couple of days, give it Capstar an hour before you arrive at your destination (or any place on the way it might potentially pick up fleas), then each 24 hours till it arrives home.

Dental health

Raw meaty bones should be fed once, but ideally twice, per week to keep teeth clean and healthy.


If you do not plan to breed from your dog, I recommend that it is de-sexed as soon as possible to avoid unwanted puppies, to reduce the risk of mammary tumours in bitches later in life, and to help lessen dogs from marking territory with urine.


Clever Kelpies are microchipped and lifetime registered as a working dog with the NSW Companion Animals Registry. The registration will be transferred to the buyer. If you sell or give away your dog, or move address, immediately contact your local council to change the registration details (at no charge), in case the dog is lost.
WKC registration will also be transferred to new owners.

Deborah Maxwell BVSc