The trainer

I'm Deb Maxwell; I train the dogs.

I use a combination of methods, learned from a variety of sources to train my dogs. I use a pack leader style, group feeding, negative reinforcement to teach recalls (same as the horse whisperer) and positive reinforcement (clicker training) to teach some actions, such as lie down. But the genetics of the dog is very important in how its style will pan out.

I am a registered veterinarian, but have spent most of my career as a sheep extension officer and I run a sheep stud, Bellaine Merinos, with my husband.

The dogs

These are all Kelpies, except one Border Collie x Kelpie.

All except the cross and one Kelpie are registered with the Working Kelpie Council of Australia.

The dogs are generally sold started, at one stage or another, not as young pups, neither are they fully trained. Training is in spare time, so it takes me a while to progress them.

The purchasers

I expect that anyone purchasing my dogs will:

If you cannot provide good quality and kind living and working conditions for your dog, please do not enquire.