Price and conditions

The price for each dog increases as the dog's skills improve. The following list shows the approximate price range for each training stage (a description of each stage is shown further down page) and reflects the type of prices paid at a working dog auction.

The price also includes:


No unstarted pups are available.

Training stages and starting prices

Note that these are approximate descriptions. There will be variations depending on the individual strengths and weaknesses of each dog.

Just Started (JS) ($1000-$1500)

Started (S) ($1500-$2000)

Well started (WS) ($2000-$2500)

Trained, with limited experience (TL) ($2500-$3500)

Trained, with experience (TE) (from $3500)

PLEASE NOTE: Trained dogs are in short supply everywhere. I receive many enquiries for dogs that are ready to work. Unfortunately, I don't have them as I don't have enough work to take them to that stage. Also, people who suddenly lose one or more dogs find that they have to buy dogs that aren't yet fully trained as they can't get anything else.

Obedience assessment

I define obedience by how often the dog responds correctly to the basic commands: here, stop, sit, down, stay, c'mon (walk with me on or off lead), and once sheep work has commenced: round (clockwise) and back (anticlockwise].

The obedience assessment is an average across the commands for each dog (some skills may be excellent, but others only fair).


All dogs will be guaranteed to work as they will have already been trained or started.

Return policy

All dogs can be returned within 1 month if the dog does not suit you.

However, dogs cannot be bought to use for a short period when you need an extra dog and then returned because you no longer need them.

A full refund of the purchase price (minus $50) will be given provided the dog is in good health and condition, is not injured, sick or pregnant, has been well-treated (e.g. has not been made shy or reluctant due to poor handling) and has been maintained on heartworm treatment in areas where heartworm occurs.

Where these conditions cannot be met, or the 1 month has passed, a refund price can be negotiated.

Return transport costs will be at your expense.